When I Grow Up

When I grow up I was thinking of being a vet tech. My first reason is that I really like animals and i want to help them. My second reason is that vet techs make good money. And my final reason is that you only have to got to school for around two years so its not to long.

My first reason is that i really like animals and i want to help them because there are so many animals that have been abused by humans or they have been hurt or sick.

My second reason is that vet techs make good money

And for my final reason you only have to go to school for about two years. And it is not a very long time which is a good thing.

So that is why i want to be a vet tech because i love animals and i want to help them

My Opinion Piece

I think that we should be allowed to have our iPods outside at recess and lunch. One reason is it is something else for us to do if we get bored. Another reason is there is no wifi at school so nobody can text or call. My last reason is that students can be responsible for their equipment.

One reason is it is something else for us to do if we get bored. We can play games on them. For example Flappy Bird or Temple Run are some fun games kids like to play these days or listen to music with our friends such as the song Roar by Katy Perry.

Another reason is that using your iPod at school is perfectly safe. There is no wifi at school so nobody can text or call which the district seems to think that you can text or call on iPods without wifi.

My last reason is that students can be responsible for their equipment. Lots of children ask their parents if there allowed bringing their iPods to school and some parents may say no or they will say yes it all depends on how responsible the kid is.

I really believe that we should be allowed to have our iPods outside and students are responsible and the district needs to let us bring our iPods outside because it is perfectly safe at our school.


Rising of The Zombies

Chapter 1


It was the day before Halloween we were just starting to unpack all of our stuff into our new house.  Everybody says that the house that we are moving into was built on a grave yard.  And that every Halloween at 12:00pm zombies rise out of their graves and go into that house and attack all the people that live there oh ya my name is Korea and I am 12 years old and I’m kind of scared of what people have said about this house. It was my first day of school and it was very fun I made one new friend her name is Alexis she is like my best friend I am hoping to go over to her house to have a sleepover on Halloween night all those story’s that I have heard about this house are kind of starting to creep me out.

It was my 2nd day of school I was so excited until I got there. Me and Alexis were hanging out at the playground bars and this girl named Lisa walked passed us and bumped me and I fell of the bars and landed on my back the launch time supervisor walked over grabbed Lisa by the arm and took her to detention lucky me she’s probably going to come back tomorrow and hurt me somewhere else were nobody will hear me screech.

Hopefully next year at high school will be way better.me and Alexis started to talk about Halloween I can’t believe that its already tonight and so I asked Alexis if I can have a sleepover and she said will ask are parents tonight  hopefully it will be a yes. It’s time to go home the teachers came out and said. Everybody raced to the bus except for me and Alexis are moms are coming to pick us up so that will be a good time to ask our parents if we can have a sleepover.

Are moms just pulled up in the parking lot we ran as fast as we could she went to her mom and I went to my mom and said mom could I have a sleep over with Alexis she said no its Halloween you have to take your little brother out trick or treating or you can stay home and hand out candy well I take your little brother trick or treating I would rather stay home I said. I told Alexis her mom said yes but my mom said no I have to stay home and hand out candy maybe I can hand out candy at your house with you Alexis said ya sure I’ll go ask. Mom can Alexis hand out candy with sure go head.hey Alexis come on get in the car were going to the mall and then were going to my house we just have to pick up some Halloween candy.

Science Fair 2014

Today was Science Fair I was so nervous when I got called to come down to the gym for my interview with the judges. When we started it wasn’t that bad because I knew both of the judges. Once I was finished I was glad that I got it over and done with.

When it was time to go back down to the gym so all the people from our community could come and see all of our projects. when I walked into the gym I went and sat down by my project without looking at the ribbon then I heard someone say my name and then say that I got 2nd place I looked over and it was true. I am hopefully going to go to regionals on April.9.

For my project I was trying to see what cools a soda faster out of 4 different ways the fridge, freezer, ice container, and a container with ice and water and I found out that the ice and water cooled the soda faster.

All About Me

My name is Colesa and I live in Sointula BC. My favorite things to do here are go swimming in the summer and horse back riding and lots of other stuff. My favorite foods are pizza, salad, nachos, and Lemon marine pie. Some of the things I like about Sointula are that everyone in this small community all know each other. There is not a lot of traffic so you can go for walks and not have to worry about all the traffic. Some of the things I dislike about Sointula are the gastation is only open till 5:30 pm and the co-op store is also only open till 5:30 pm and it is closed on Sundays and Mondays. However, I still like it here because I have lots of family that lives here.

My kitten CJ

My kitten is about 4 Months old and has a brother named Flavien witch is Silkence’s cat

There mom is named china we rescued her from the garbage dump

CJ is my cat but the one thing that is annoying is that he is a bird catcher

and he always catches birds and puts them on our porch so there’s a big pile of bird feathers

he is a very hipper cat but i still love him

Track and Field

On Wednesday the 12th the class went to track and field it was a lot of fun.

The activities that I went in were shot-put and discus I didn’t place in shot-put but I

got 4th place in discus.

Sahara ran the 800 m run witch is twice around the track witch to me is very long but she made it without  stopping or walking.

my favorite part of the day was the bus ride and the  ferry ride but the bus was very noisy with all the kids on the bus

after all that we came back to the ferry and we had a little more time so we went and got ice-cream  I got pistachio.


Chapter 1

It was a hot sunny day on the ranch and I was just putting the horses out in the field when I heard a big bang coming from the forest. All the horse galloped out to the other side of the field trying to get as far away as they can from that horrible sound. It kind of sounded like a gun shot. I grabbed Sinia luckily she was still in the stable but right when I went to get on my mom said Katy the phone. It was Stacy she was wondering if I heard that sound. Yes I did I am just going to check it out do you want to come. ya sure I will grab my horse and come over there and pick you up. K bye I said, Mom im going with Stacy to see what that sound was.Ok bye Katy.come on lets go Stacy we should hed into the forest that’s where the sound came from.Ok let’s go Stacy said.

We were getting closer we herd people talking then BANG the horses started freaking out me and Stacy fell off the horses ran back to the ranch. We got up and started running we finally got back to the ranch and decided to come back tonight at 10:00 pm

Today the school is going up to the f.o. hall and performing.Sophie, Sahara, Carin, Ana, Justin and me are performing a skipping chant

other people are doing a polka dance and a stick dance witch is really cool  those two have music and us well we have to say a chant.

the hole school is doing a turkey/fish song the intermediates are turkeys and the primaries are fish.